Mercury’s True Partner Sales Program Is A Home Run!

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December 12, 2016

Mercury’s True Partner Sales Program Is A Home Run!

Technology companies around the US love our unique and innovative sales services called the True Partner Sales Program.

Normally, with other sales organizations who do what we do, you would pay an hourly wage for each sales agent who closes deals for you. Their sales agents get paid a salary and perhaps a little bonus for making the sale. But the sales risk is all yours.

We are different. We share in the risk, motivating our teams to be top performers for our clients. If you sell a recurring revenue product, and it can be sold by phone, let us sell it for you.

Your investment? You simply pay a fair setup fee (that’s your skin in the game) for each sales agent who will be dedicated to your account. Your set up fee will pay for recruiting, on boarding, training, the equipment, and  one month’s salary for the agent.

After that first month, we are commission only! That’s our skin in the game. If we don’t sell, you don’t pay. But as you can expect, our team will be highly motivated to close sales for you. The more we sell, the better for both of us. Fair enough?

Here’s a case study. We have a team of five selling for a mobile web site developer based in the USA. They have a service that charges a recurring fee ranging from $39 to $59 per month. Our team of generates over 130 sales each month for this company using our leads and leads provided by the company, and we simply get paid a commission on each sale we make.

We contributed over $800,000 in annual sales revenue in addition to an annual $240,000 sales operation expense reduction simply by going with our team, at very little risk to the client. We are effective closers, so doesn’t that seem to be a no-brainer way to generate revenue for your firm?

The True Partner program is not for everyone. True Partner is most effective with technology companies who sell a monthly recurring product up to about $80 per month. There are other success indicators we look at too, so call, email, or use the chat button below to  see if True Partner is right for your firm.

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