1Who is Mercury?
Mercury is a inbound, outbound and back office services providers to technology businesses primarily in the United States and Canada. Our team is focused on serving the unique needs of the technology industry, providing resources experienced in SAAS, telecom, managed services, and hardware / software.
2Where are your operations?
We have a small project management and sales team located just north of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, with call center facilities based in Makati, Philippines, which part of the Manila Metro area.
3Can you really scale with my project?
Yes, our call center operations can quickly add up to 350 agents at our Makati location, and additional resources is available within walking distance of our main Philippines headquarters. Our team is experienced with hiring, resource allocation and getting projects started quickly.
4Can you attract quality personnel?
Our Philippines location is based in Makati, just a few miles from the Philippines "Big 4" Universities. We can draw talent from the university system for basic support services and services requiring certifications and higher degrees. We also hire experienced and talented agents who excel in the support service that is required by the customer.
5Can I really save money using Mercury?
Absolutely! You actually save money in lower costs while retaining top notch talent, and you free up valuable head count for support related to your core business. Here's an example on how you can save with Mercury. According to, the average salary of a "deal-closing" inside sales representative with 1-2 years of experience is $50,482, plus an estimated $20,228 in benefits, for a total of $79,710 per year. With Mercury, that same level three "deal closing" representative would cost $11.00 per hour, or $24,012 per year. You don't pay benefits or invest in the base technology used to do their jobs. You save $59,698 each year, a 70% cost savings!

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Mercury is headquartered a few miles north of Indianapolis Indiana, at 17520 Dartown Road, Westfield, Indiana 46074.


Mercury's Philippines office is located in Makati, the financial and call center capital of Manila.