Mercury hires the most experienced staff available with backgrounds in a variety of technology verticals, including SAAS, telecom, managed services, and hardware/ software solutions to best match your specific needs, including veteran sales agents, certified help desk staff, and more.

Partner with Mercury for experienced technology centric staff.


Whether we work on a short term project, or long term permanent extension of your business processes, Mercury's team is dedicated to your account- no one else. That builds up company specific knowledge growth and provides stability for your company.

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Mercury's business model was created to provide you with highly talented support that won't break the bank. Reserve your budget and head count for your core business, and let Mercury support you at rates up to 70% lower than traditional methods.

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Mercury is currently located in a business processing center that can handle more than 350 additional inbound, outbound, and back office support staff. When your project or long term permanent extension of your business processes, Mercury's experienced team can quickly scale to meet your requirements.

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Welcome to Mercury, your business support partner.

Mercury VIP Business Center provides experienced inbound, outbound and back office solutions for U.S. and Canadian technology companies- to address challenge of having talented, dedicated people who can support your sales, marketing and operations efforts at affordable rates. Go with Mercury, and speed ahead of the competition!

Toby Reeves

founder and president

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Mercury's Business Services

Note: Pricing is negotiated per project campaign and scope of work. Volume discounts may apply, and additional fees may apply. A minimum set up fee may apply to new clients for set up and training, and may vary depending on scope of project allocation.
PRICING INCLUDES ALL SERVICES: Recruitment, Salary, HR, Office Space, Facilities, Amenities, Workstations, IT equipment, IT support, Fast Internet, Accounting, Legal, Insurances, Health, Corporate Events, etc. Your dedicated full time staff can work up to 24 days per month, 9 hours per day (180 hours per month). We operate 24/7 and can accommodate 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift working hours. Overtime rate over 8 hours will be charged 1.5x.